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Yunchul Kim (KR)
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Triaxial Pillars II
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fluid kinetic installation
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The work Triaxial Pillars II constantly fluctuates in the space. The metallic particles in the fluid repeat an ascending and descending motion, and, simultaneously, dynamic patterns of filaments and hollows emerge. This fluidic motion makes us experience ambivalence about the substantiality of matter, entangled among technical objects and aesthetic things.

This kinetic movement work consists of multiple planetary and helical structures with twenty-three axes. The double acryli...read more

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Yunchul Kim is an electroacoustic music composer and an artist based in Berlin and Seoul. His latest works focus on the artistic potential of fluid dynamics, meta-materials (photonic crystals) and especially on the context of magneto-hydrodynamics. For him, exploring nature and the disposition of matter is an important factor, and through the material turn, his works reveal potential dispositions of matter and constantly intra-act with the world. He is the founder of Studio Locus Solus in Seo...read more

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