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Nera Miočić (HR): Audible / Edible Kitchen

interactive audio cooking performance
@ Pogon Jedinstvo, Trnjanski nasip bb, Zagreb
Wednesday, November 18th 2015 at 8:00 p.m.
free entrance

Living organisms vibrate at specific frequencies: the frequency of the human body is from 62 to 72 Hz, and each living ingredient has its own frequency. The interactive audio cooking performance Audible / Edible Kitchen by Nera Miočić provides an ambiental experience of food as an experiment that tries to break free of the boundaries of traditional recipes. In a space filled with melodic frequencies of ingredients, trees, sounds of food being prepared on the spot for the audience, sand and light, the artist caters to all of our senses in a predominantly artificial environment supported by spontaneous communication with the visitors. The audience are invited to bring their own ingredients and enjoy the freshly prepared fruit and vegetables that originally contain the fragile energy of the sun. Preparation and consummation of food become a source of communication: one's own energy is transmitted and energy is received from someone else, while relying on the natural intelligence of our bodies. As part of the Sound Art Programme of Mochvara Gallery, the performance will take place on Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 at 8 p.m., at Pogon Jedinstvo, Trnjanski nasip bb, Zagreb.

organizers: Culture Development Association “URK” + Mochvara Club & KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis
media partners: H-alter, Kulturpunkt, Radio Student
supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb, Kultura nova Foundation


Sound Art Incubator


exhibition and performances
Monday, October 26th – Thursday, October 29th
exhibition opening: Monday, 26.10.2015 at 8:00 p.m. @ large & small hall of Pogon Jedinstvo
The exhibition is open October 27th – 30th, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
free entrance

Third edition of Sound Art Incubator in Mochvara Gallery once again presents young artists exploring sound as an artistic medium in different ways. This time, along with young Croatian artists, the project also presents students of Serbian art academies and universities, meaning that in 2015 for the first time Incubator reaches the region. Sound Art Incubator is a contest based project and is focused on providing production and presentation support to young artists, students of art academies and universities as well as emerging artists regarding full realization of their artworks dealing with sound as a medium or a topic. The programme in 2015 consists of a group exhibition and performances, resulting in so-far most numerous presentation of new productions by young authors since the beginning of the project in 2012. This year, as many as 13 artists present their work through Incubator with eight original projects – interactive installations, performances, and environments: Tamara Bilankov, Noel Šuran, Mladen Tomić, Vitar Drinković, Sanjin Vinković, Dražen Hižak, Bogdan Stefanović, Danilo Crnogorac, Milica Šolajić, Igor Andrić, Nemanja Blagojević, Ljubica Letinić, and Lana Deban. Ranging from bugging one’s own internal organs to sound reminiscences of an intimate family past in the period of late socialism, Incubator has once again brought to the large and small hall of Pogon Jedinstvo artists who represent the future of contemporary art in this region – future that promises to be intriguing and exciting.



If you have never played music on your favourite musician, now is the right time to do it. Hidden behind white forensic suits and in a new, refreshed, wireless edition, Beat Busters are preparing a sadomasochistic farewell to the old suits and a premiere Beatbusting sensors show on a new verison of suits 2.0. Besides playing on the performers, this dramatic evening wellcomes all sorts of dancing body movement. You can take home your own relic of the old Beat Busters and if you're interested in how it all works stay with us after the performance and feed your curiosity during the presentation – all of which is a part of the sound art programme of Zagreb's Mochvara Gallery. Beat Busters suits are upgraded with a little produciton help from the Gallery. The event will take place on Monday, 7th September 2015 at 8.30 p.m. in the renowned Mochvara club, Trnjanski nasip bb, Zagreb.