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Filip Borelli (HR)
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Invisible Beauty
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interactive kinetic sculpture
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The endless expanses of darkness from which the bodies of the universe bathed in the light of incandescent giants emerge open up the issue of metaphysical and physical relations. Dark as medium of the visible prevails in universal dimensions, filling up the spaces between. Black holes as representatives of the destructive force of the Universe are the theme of the artistic work of Filip Borelli. The invisible relations of dark matter with the physical worlds are presented in t...read more

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Filip Borelli is a Croatian artist who deals with research into the interaction of light, sound, movement and music. He graduated from the Economics Faculty in Zagreb, but since 2009 has worked as performer, musician and author of luminous concepts. He acquired his artistic experience entirely in his family setting, but in addition he was a member of KSET, the club of students of electronics and computing, up to 2013, being engaged in lighting, acting and photography; in the M...read more

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