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Ale de la Puente (MX)
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Dark Time
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video-audio installation
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The changes of the universe that we can observe in daily life are either extremely slow or placed between long periods of immobility. We may not notice them since the time that separates us exceeds that of several generations, that of the collective memory, even that of the very existence of humanity. To understand the transformation of an impassable time for us (an obscure time or dark time) the observer would have to expand his field of vision and extend it to a period of ti...read more

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Ale de la Puente’s work deals with notions of time-space and memory through a continuous construction of poetic relations between experiences given by space and time from a technological, scientific, philosophical, to linguistic approach.

De la Puente’s diverse background (studies in industrial design, goldsmithing, and boatbuilding) and interests in concepts of time and space have led her to collaborate with several scientists in different fields from h...read more

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